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The Wizard of Oz
May Pool Calendar
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WARSAW COMMUNITY POOL Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 Happy New Year 2 Open Swim: 7:15—9:00 $4.00/person $10.00/family 3 Closed 4 Open Swim: 7:15—9:00 $4.00/person $10.00/family 5 Closed 6 Closed 7 Closed High School Swim Meet 8 Closed 9 No School Closed 10 Closed 11 Open Swim: 7:15—9:00 $4.00/person $10.00/family 12 Closed 13 Closed 14 Closed 15 Closed 16 MLK Jr. Day Closed 17 Closed High School Swim Meet 18 Open Swim: 7:15—9:00 $4.00/person $10.00/family 19 Closed 20 Closed 21 Closed 22 Closed 23 Open Swim: 7:15—9:00 $4.00/person $10.00/family 24 Closed 25 Open Swim: 7:15—9:00 $4.00/person $10.00/family 26 Closed 27 Closed 28 Closed 29 Closed 30 Open Swim: 7:15—9:00 $4.00/person $10.00/family 31 Closed
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The Wizard of Oz
Addams Family
choir concert
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WCHS Math Team Preparing for Stiff Competition
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Host and Exchange Student!
Photo Provided: Hope Rose, Vanessa Eudave, Hailey Booher, Emily McNees, Cierra Ousley, Elizabeth Palacios-Sanchez and Ms. Sims.   Photo Provided: Hailey Booher
Photo Provided: Brass Quintet: Avimael Fugate, Mattix Garrett, Mariana Conde, Hallie Hertzler and Cate Harris   Photo Provided: Karissa Brath, Jonah Zimmerman, Ian Parrott, and Director Angela Dieleman   Photo Provided: Melanie Hertzler, Liam Watkins, Doondeeshwar Patnala