Photo Provided: Brass Quintet: Avimael Fugate, Mattix Garrett, Mariana Conde, Hallie Hertzler and Cate Harris   Photo Provided: Karissa Brath, Jonah Zimmerman, Ian Parrott, and Director Angela Dieleman   Photo Provided: Melanie Hertzler, Liam Watkins, Doondeeshwar Patnala

The Warsaw Community High School orchestra and band students achieved outstanding results at the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) District Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday, Feb. 4, which took place at Northwood High School in Nappanee. 

The Tigers’ Pride had a total of fourteen solos and five ensembles entered in the competition, along with four WCHS orchestra students.   

All four orchestra solos were awarded a Gold rating; the WCHS band had eleven solos and two ensembles who were awarded a Gold rating.  Eleven of the solos and two of the ensembles qualified for the State Solo and Ensemble contest held on Feb. 25th in Indianapolis.

Soloists earning gold ratings and qualifying for state are:  Karissa Brath, Mattix Garrett, Mariana Conde, Olivia Bloemendaal, Hallie Hertzler, Doondee Patnala, Melanie Hertzler, Margaret Burkholder, Cate Harris, Annalisa Hertzler and Madison Kohler.  Ensembles earning Gold ratings and qualifying for State Contest include the Mallet Trio and Trumpet Quartet.

A gold rating was also earned by Grace Ganser, Ian Parrott, Jonah Zimmerman and Brighan Hudson. 

Silver ratings were earned by Violet Watson, Elijah Banes, Gracie Luce, the Brass Trio, the Flute Trio and the Brass Quintet.

WCS is very proud of these students' accomplishments and musical growth. Their attention to musical techniques earned outstanding results!