warsaw tiger

Today we held the Tiger Way Convocation where awards were given for Academics, Athletics, Going the Extra Mile and for Principal's Citizenship.

Mr. Eberly with the freshman students drawn for prizes for having a 3.5gpa or higher

Mrs. Nine with her student who won a prize for having 3.5 or higher gpa

Mr. Barrett and his students who won prizes for having a 3.5 or higher gpa

Mr. Roe with his Senior receiving award for being chosen for 3.5 gpa or over

Seniors who had a 4.0 or higher gpa receiving $100 checks from the WCEA.

Brenda Linky receiving the Going the Extra Mile Faculty award-SPED Dept.

Kirsten Owens receiving Going the Extra Mile Award- EL Department

Caleb Vogel- Going the Extra Mile award-Volunteer/Long Term Substitute/Contact Tracer

Ellen Shoemaker-Going the Extra Mile award-Support Staff-Attendance Dept.

Freshman Principal's Citizenship award

Sophomore Principal's Citizenship awards

Junior Principal's Citizenship awards

Senior Principal's Citizenship awards

Congratulations to everyone on your successes and achievements! Well Done