Building Trades Home

Congratulations to the Culver family who will move into their dream home this weekend. Kudos to instructors, students, and sub-contractor partners on a remarkable build.  The house is stunning inside and out!

Whether these students in building trades choose a career in this field or not, the experience of this build offered them multiple skill-building opportunities including teamwork, design, problem-solving, compromise, and execution of an idea - all valuable life skills.

Students who worked on the home are Pedro Alonso, Logan Bannon, Brody Bryant, Andres Castaneda, Kaleb Castaneda, Bryan Castro, Olivia Edmiston, Jack Fitzgerald, Aiden Foreman, Collin Garner, Ashton Greene, Juan Hernandez, Kevin Hesser, Michael Hinkle, Juan Jaramillo De Los Santos, Alejandro Juarez, Tyler Kuhn, Jayden Leake, Jacob Linky, Yordani Lucas Escobar, Antonio Martinez, Francisco Martinez-Ortiz, Aaron McLaughlin, Eliud Mejia, Jack Melville, Eduardo Moyotl Acuahuitl, Yahir Moyotl Cielo, Conner Neff, sus Palacios-Hernandez, Jose Perez, Yohan Ramirez Escobar, Andrew Saldana, Adrian Saloma Tochimani, Ayden Sherman, Wyatt Stutzman, Jessey Valenzuela, Yahir Vargas, Ricardo Verduzco Ceja, Jaeziah Winegardner, Aiden Woods, Capri Yentes. 

Instructors are: Eric Taylor, Nick Walenga, and Julia Kincaid. 

Congratulations to all!

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