First Day of School: Friday, August 13th

Class of 2025

Tim Devlin

Tim Devlin, Assistant Principal


Sarah Wallen, School Counselor

Request To See Counselor Form

If you have a question for Mrs. Wallen or would like to meet with Mrs. Wallen please click the link below. Give as much detail as possible when you fill out the form. Mrs. Wallen will either email you back an answer or send a pass to your class so she can speak with you in person.

Request to See Counselor Form

Schedule Change Request Form 

If you would like to make a schedule change request for the 2021-2022 school year, please click the link below. 

Please note that the deadline to request a schedule change was Friday, July 30th, 2021

Schedule Change Request Form

For FAQs about Schedule Change Requests CLICK HERE.

Take a look at the documents below to help you make an informed decision on choosing a different class.

 9th Grade Selection Sheet 

 WCHS Course of Study Guide

WACC Course of Study Guide

Graduation Requirements Overview

Graduation Requirements Infographic

Box 2: Learn and Demonstrate Employability Skills

Click Here to view a list of activities, clubs and/or classes that qualify for Box 2

Student Voice

Student Voice