Weighting - We use only points and assign the number according to the time spent on the assignment. (ex. a worksheet might be worth 5-10 points, whereas a major project might be worth 100 points)

Late Work - We negotiate with each student independently based on the situation. We have to accept late work because of the nature of art projects. We are willing to extend a deadline if adequate progress is being made, but reserve the right to give partial grades where effort is low.

Extra Credit - We offer very few opportunities, and all of them involve volunteering, or extra- curricular activities.

Redo work - We are always willing to accept a redo of work, if the student takes initiative to improve their work

PowerSchool entry - We put “0” grades and M until the work is finished.

Number of assignments - It will vary depending on the level of the class, but in general at least an average of one grade per week. Some advanced classes have fewer grades, but more one-on-one critique for feedback. These advanced classes also have larger projects and thus fewer grades.