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At the start of the 2019-20 school year, we will continue with our parent/student pick-up and drop-off plan that we used last year. As our major construction projects on the Student Athletic Center and WACC finish up, we will update this plan and communicate our changes at that time.

Below are some explanations of the procedures we are requesting parents and students to follow to assist us with the safety and convenience of everyone coming to the high school.

The drop-off/pick-up area by the WACC entrance is no longer available to anyone.

A Lot: Co-Op student parking only. These students will have a specific parking tag that is assigned by the WACC office. The North A Lot (by soccer field) is open for all student drivers. The four traffic islands separates these two parking lots.
B Lot: Staff parking only with a purple pass. Parent Drop-off/Pick-up when approaching from Logan and Union streets. See Map - green/teal arrow path
C Lot: Staff parking only. Parent drop-off/pick-up approach from HWY 15. See Map - orange arrow path
D Lot: Student and event parking. Due to high traffic, this is not a designated pick-up/drop-off area.

There are two designated areas for parents to drop-off/pick-up their students. We will need for parents to choose from one of two approaches to the school so to limit traffic congestion.
Approaching from either Logan or Union streets (by Edgewood MS) follow the the green/teal arrow path towards the building. It is necessary to follow this path so to keep the flow of traffic constant and avoiding congestion as much as possible. The students will enter/exit the building through Door #1 when dropped off or picked up here.
When approaching from HWY 15, turn left (no right turn) towards the southern part of the building. Follow the orange path arrow towards C Lot. The students will enter/exit the building through Doors #47-50 (PAC) when dropped off or picked up here.

The horseshoe parking area on the southern part of the building is restricted to buses only during school arrival and departure times. The parking area behind the Tiger Den/weight room is restricted to staff parking and buses only. This is not a pick-up/drop-off area for students.

D Lot is for student parking with a WCHS parking tag. Students parking in D Lot can enter the building through Doors #44 & 45. Due to the amount of traffic involved in this lot, this lot is not a designated pick-up/drop-off area.
A Lot on the northside of campus closest to the building is parking for co-op students only that start their day at their worksite and come to school later in the morning. The North A Lot parking lot (closest to the soccer fields) is open for student parking. The vehicles parking in this lot will have a different colored tag distributed by the WACC office by permission of Mrs. Kawsky. Co-op students parking in this lot will need to the enter the building by Door #21.
The road from here will be blocked off to prevent traffic from crossing through to D Lot during arrival and dismissal times. This is to keep vehicles from mixing into the bus traffic behind the building.

Parent/Student Drop Off - Pick Up map
Parent PU DO 2019

Student Parking Map
StudentParkingPic 2019
Thursday, 09 January 2020 20:05

WCHS Clubs

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Sanctioned Clubs 

Academic Superbowl Teams - TBD

American Sign Language (ASL) Thursdays G155B, Tiger Central

Art Club -  Mr. Morrow 3:00-4 Room B115: Designed for the creative person! Most projects are short experiences that you can take home with you such as soap carving, paper flowers, and seed bead bracelets. We also take part in community projects like first Fridays, barrel contest, window-painting... Each year we also take a trip to experience arts and cultures outside of Warsaw.

Band and Orchestra - Mr. Ziegler

BPA – Waldeck/Schramm Tiger Central/Y274

Cheer Block - Mr. Binkerd

Chinese Club - Dr. Tseng R136 Once A Month

Choir - Mrs. Petrie

Creative Writing Club – Miss Tester R141 Twice A Month: A community of writers that collaborate in order to improve and understand creative writing. The group will seek to share, write, and publish their works of writing. 

Dream Council - Ms. Leinbach Mondays @ 3 in Media Center

Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School Book Award -  Ms. Beck Read and rate one or all of the nominated books. Help decide who will be this year’s state winner.  

English Academic Bowl – Leigh Van Horn

FCCLA - Ms.Bassett/Mrs. Lancaster 2nd & 4th Wednesdays 3 - 4 pm Y178

FFA - Mr. Riley 6-7:30 Y187 

French Club - - Mr. Monroe - Once a month

German Club - Ms. Hoover - once a month - Thursday R 143   3 - 4 pm

Intramurals - Mr. Fras

JROTC – MAJ Josellis / CSM Mitchell - After school every day until 4pm for all enrolled Cadets

Key Club - Mrs. Burley

Latino Club  - Noemi Ponce

Math Club - Mr. Wiebe - 2nd and 4th Mondays each month. Room B211: Providing enrichment opportunities for students who enjoy math and love a challenge! In addition to meeting twice a month, students will be encouraged to attend Mathletes and to compete in other math contests. 

Mathletes - Mr. Wiebe/Mrs. McCollom

Newspaper - Ms. Leinbach

NHS – Mr. and Mrs. Bailey once a month Mondays  AM Tiger Central

Octagon Club: a sub-group of the morning Optimist Club. Our mission is to help youth in our community through service projects. 

Red Cross Club: Working with the local Red Cross Chapter, students will be given the opportunity to address community needs while delivering lifesaving services. Mr. T Bauer Wednesdays @3 in B204

Robotics - Mr. Zakaria Mondays 3:00 Y186

Rugby - Girls: Trevor Cracknell 

Rubgy - Boys: Mark Caruso Tuesdays and Thursdays


Science Academic Bowl - Mr. Fishell

Spanish Club - Mr. Martinez

Social Studies Academic Bowl – Mrs. Hopper

Student Council – Mrs. Shipley every Tues. alternating am/pm

Thespian Troupe - Ms. McAfee 3rd Thursday of the month 3:00 Black Box Theatre PAC

Ultimate Frisbee Club  - Mondays 3-4:30 pm 

Winterguard/Colorguard  - TBD

Yearbook - Ms. Leinbach

Non-Sanctioned Club 

5 in 5 @7:25 - Ms. Beck  Meet on first Monday of the month at 7:25 am 

Archery Club - Mr. Schaefer 

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Mr. Richards R252 - 7am Tuesdays

Guitar Club- Mr. Grieg 

Hip Hop Dance Club - Mrs. Wallen Tuesdays 3-4:in the dance room

SFL (Students for life) - Mrs. Love B200 3-:330pm 1st and 3rd Wednesday

SGA- Ms. Dinse Every Wednesday 3 - 4 pm Y185

Tiger Bowling Club- (Boys) Coach Glenn Yoder

Tiger Bowling Club- (Girls)  Coach Glenn Yoder

Youth Alive - Mrs. Warner

3:10-4:10 Mondays in G222

Young Conservatives Club - Mrs. Ross Follow us! @wchs_conserv



Tuesday, 07 January 2020 14:49

Driver's Education Information

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Please download the registration form and view the video for information about Driver's Training at WCHS.


Registration form 

Monday, 06 January 2020 06:34


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Welcome Back to School! Hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable break.
Friday, 13 December 2019 12:29

Art Department Grading Practices

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Weighting-We use only points and assign the number according to the time spent on the assignment. (ex. a worksheet might be worth 5-10 points, whereas a major project might be worth 100 points)

Late Work-we negotiate with each student independently based on the situation. We have to accept late work because of the nature of art projects. We are willing to extend a deadline if adequate progress is being made, but reserve the right to give partial grades where effort is low.

Extra Credit- we offer very few opportunities, and all of them involve volunteering, or extra- curricular activities.

Redo work - We are always willing to accept a redo of work, if the student takes initiative to improve their work

PowerSchool entry- we put “0” grades and M until the work is finished.

Number of assignments-It will vary depending on the level of the class, but in general at least an average of one grade per week. Some advanced classes have fewer grades, but more one-on-one critique for feedback. These advanced classes also have larger projects and thus fewer grades.
Friday, 13 December 2019 12:29

Scholastic Art Awards

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Warsaw Community High School Art students were highly decorated again this
year at the 2019 Scholastic Art Awards Competition.

In another successful year, Warsaw Art students received 26 awards in the individual
entry categories and 3 more awards in the Senior Portfolio category. The Gold Key
winners go on for the next round of judging at the national level in New York! The
recognition for individual student artists is a great honor and having artwork on display at
a well-known gallery is very prestigious.

The individual students receiving Gold Key Awards were Makenna Gaerte, Leslie
Hernandez, Jose Leyva, Matthew Lowman, Austin Bowell, and Michael Rowland. The
Silver Key winners were Emma Marshall, Jackson Moeller, Hannah Schultz, Abby
Wolkins, Austin Bowell, Kaitlin Kauffman, and Dezeray Miller. Also recognized with
Honorable Mention Awards and included in the exhibit were Morgan Hooks, Matthew
Lowman, Michael Rowland, Zeb Hernandez, Caitlin Kehler, Ian Peloza, Erin Peugh,
Abigail Seese, Jocelyn Shepherd, Ana Tlahuetl, and Austin Bowell with two.

In addition to the individual entries, the seniors in AP Studio Art also submitted
their complete portfolios for judging. The portfolio is a chance for senior students to pull
together their finest pieces and package them into a well-organized and thoughtful
presentation of their body of work. These are considered for scholarship applications,
entrance into fine art programs, and become half of their AP portfolio for college credit.
We are very proud to announce Zaya Henn as our Gold Key Portfolio winner, and also
congratulations to Austin Bowell and Zeb Hernandez who achieved Silver Key awards
for their portfolios. We are very proud of all of them for representing Warsaw so well in
our region.

The above students will receive special recognition at the awards presentation at
the University of Saint Francis on February 17th, and the students’ works will be on
display at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art until April 8 th . Congratulations WCHS Art
Friday, 13 December 2019 12:23

Art Club

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Art Club Logo
Art Dept. fundraiser 21-Aug 8:00 AM   Tiger Central
Art Club organizational meeting 3-Sep 3:00 PM 4:00pm B115
Art Activity - Come up with first Fridays project 17-Sep 3:00 4:00 PM B115
Art Activity - Prepare for Artoberfest 1-Oct 3:00 4:00 PM B115
Art-toberfest 4-Oct 5:00 PM 8:00pm downtown Warsaw
Art Club Trip TBA     Grand Rapids
Art Activity - Morrow project 15-Oct 3:00pm 4:30pm B115
Art Activity - 29-Oct 3:00 PM 4:00 PM B115
Art Activity - mural painting 12-Nov 3:00 PM 4:00 PM B116
Chrismas activity - 3-Dec 3:00 PM 4:00 PM B115
Art Activity - Morrow project 17-Dec 3:00 PM 4:00 PM TBA
Art Activity - Bring your own project 14-Jan 3:00 PM 4:00 PM B115
Art Activity - Lefforge project 28-Jan 3:00 PM 4:00 PM B114
Art Activity - Student run project 11-Feb 3:00 PM 4:00 PM TBA
Art Activity - Morrow project 25-Feb 3:00 PM 4:00 PM B115
Art Activity - Tomasik project 7-Apr 3:00 PM 4:00 PM B118
Art Activity - Bring your own project 24-Mar 3:00 PM 4:00 PM B115
Art activity - Swartzentruber 14-Apr 3:00 PM 4:00 PM B115
Art activity - 5/12/2020 3:00 PM 4:00 PM B115
Winona Lake Art Fair and ice cream 6/6/2020 11:00 AM   Winona Lake
Friday, 13 December 2019 09:58

2-Hour Delay Schedule

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Monday, Tuesday, and Friday

1st     9:40 - 10:13 (33 min)

2nd    10:19 - 10:50  (31 min)

3rd    10:56-11:27    (31 min)

4th    11:33 - 1:00    (Class 52 min & Lunch 35 min)

A –                    Lunch 11:33- 12:08         (Dismissed to Class 12:02)      Class 12:08 - 1:00

B –   Class 11:33 - 11:59                   Lunch 11:59-12:34         (Dismissed to Class 12:28)      Class  12:34 - 1:00

                  C –   Class 11:33 - 12:25       Lunch  12:25-1:00               

5th     1:06 - 1:37    (31 min)

6th     1:43 - 2:14    (31 min)   

7th     2:20 - 2:51      (31 min)


Odd Block (Wednesday)

1st      9:40 - 10:45     (65 min)                                                                            

3rd     10:51 - 12:29   (Class 65 min & Lunch 33 min)                                    

A –                            Lunch  10:51 - 11:24   (Dismissed to Class 11:18)       Class  11:24-12:29

B – Class  10:51 - 11:23     Lunch  11:23 - 11:56     (Dismissed to Class 11:50)       Class  11:56 - 12:29

C – Class  10:51 - 11:56     Lunch  11:56 - 12:29

5th     12:35 - 1:40      (65 min)                                                                      

7th     1:46 - 2:51   (65 min) 


EVEN Block (Thursday)

2nd      9:40 - 11:09     (89 min)                                                                            

4th     11:15 - 1:15     (Class 89 min & Lunch 33 min)                                    

A –                            Lunch  11:15 - 11:48   (Dismissed to Class 11:42)        Class  11:48 - 1:15

B – Class  11:15 - 12:00    Lunch  12:00 - 12:33     (Dismissed to Class 12:27)        Class  12:33 - 1:15

C – Class  11:15 - 12:42     Lunch  12:42 - 1:15

6th     1:21 - 2:51      (90 min)                                                                      

*In the event of a cancellation ONLY on Thursday, the following schedule will be implemented on Friday.

EVEN Block Friday

2nd      7:40-9:10     (90 min)                                                                            

Enrichment    9:16-11:06 (90 min)      

(9:16-9:36 – Everybody Reads) 

4th     11:12-1:15    

(lunch 27 min, class 90 min)                                                                                 

A –                            Lunch  11:12-11:45   (Dismissed to Class 11:39)         Class  11:45-1:15

B – Class  11:12-11:57     Lunch  11:57-12:30      (Dismissed to Class 12:24)           Class  12:30-1:15

C – Class  11:12-12:45     Lunch  12:45-1:15

6th     1:21-2:51    (90 min) 

Friday, 13 December 2019 09:51

Daily Bell Schedule 2019-20

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WCHS/WACC 2019-2020 Bell Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, and Friday

1st     7:40-8:27 (47 min)

2nd    8:33-9:18        (45 min)

3rd    9:24-10:09      (45 min)

4th    10:15-11:00    (45 min)

5th    11:06-12:33 + SRT 12:33 - 1:09   

A –    Lunch   11:06-11:39         (Dismissed to Class 11:33)    Class  11:39-12:33

B –   Class 11:06-11:33   Lunch   11:33-12:06         (Dismissed to Class 12:00) Class  12:06-12:33

C –    Class 11:06-12:00   Lunch  12:00-12:33         (Dismissed to Class 12:30)         

SRT - 12:33-1:09                                                   

(class 45 min, lunch 33 min, announcements 9 min, SRT 36 min) (SRT begins bell will ring at 12:36)

6th     1:15 - 2:00    (45 min)   

7th     2:06-2:51      (45 min)




1st      7:40-9:10     (90 min)                                                                            

PLC     7:15 - 8:15       (60 min)      

3rd     9:16-11:06   (90 min)      

       (9:16-9:36 – Everybody Reads) 

2nd     8:30- 10:00       (90 min)      



Enrichment Period/Everyone Reads   10:06 -11:06 (60 min)

5th     11:12-1:15      (lunch 33 min, class 90 min)                                                                                 

4th     11:12 - 1:15    (90 min)            

A –                            Lunch  11:12-11:45   (Dismissed to Class 11:39)         Class  11:45-1:15

B – Class  11:12-11:57     Lunch  11:57-12:30      (Dismissed to Class 12:24)           Class  12:30-1:15

C – Class  11:12-12:45     Lunch  12:45-1:15

7th     1:21-2:51    (90 min) 

6th       1:21-2:51    (90 min) 

Friday, 13 December 2019 09:22


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School Hours

7:40 a.m - 2:51 p.m. (M,T, W & F)                          8:30 a.m. - 2:51 p.m. (THURSDAY)

Please help us by getting your student to school/class on time.

  • If your child is absent please call the attendance line at 574-371-5082 to report their absence. Please leave a message if no answer. We check the machine regularly.
  • Need to leave for an appointment? Please call 574-371-5082 at least 1/2 hour before your student needs to leave. This gives us enough time to find them.
  • Doctor Notes: Please turn them into the attendance office so we can clear your student's attendance.
  • Reminder- each student is allowed to miss 7 excused days per semester.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact one of the people listed below.

Bart Curtis

Dayna Kolanowski

Mary Glenn

Ellen Shoemaker

Maria Vega (Spanish Interpreter)
WCS Logo
Mr. Troy Akers
1 Tiger Lane
Warsaw, IN 46580
(574) 371-5099
Fax Numbers
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