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Course of Study Guide

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students

High School is an exciting time to explore career options and discover your aptitudes and passions. Each student has chosen a career pathway and course selections will reflect your student’s choice. This guide is designed to assist you in making the best possible decisions to get you where you want to be on your career path as you complete high school.

With the number of dual credit (meaning your student earns college credit and high school credit) and certification programs available at Warsaw Community High School and Warsaw Area Career Center your student can leave prepared to complete college or go right in to the work force at a higher level than others competing for the same positions.

Parents have a responsibility to each student to be very certain all state and local requirements are met for graduation. Specific requirements are explained on the following pages.


Guidance Counselors present the course of study options to students at the beginning of second semester. •
Students select courses and enter in computer during class time. Completed by the first week of February.
Parents and students review choices and make any changes during January.
Students and Guidance Counselors meet individually January-March to review career path, discuss graduation requirements and review choices.
It is our goal that a confirmation of class selections for next year will be given to students before leaving for summer break. Students and parents will have one week following distribution to request a change in writing. No verbal requests will be honored. Change request forms are available in Guidance or parents can email. A request does not guarantee a change. Students may not meet the requirements for a class or the class may already be full with students who requested it earlier.
We encourage students and parents to choose courses wisely. It is very difficult to change a course at the beginning of the year in the fall. A student’s schedule may need to be changed by the school if the student fails to meet a prerequisite or graduation requirement. The school reserves the right to cancel any class due to personnel or lack of enrollment and students will be given the opportunity to select an alternative. Students are responsible to make up any classes they committed to completing in summer school and then did not follow through with completing

Course of Study Guide:
pdf WCHS/WACC Course of Study Guide (8.50 MB)

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